Heelside Frontside 540 – How to Wakeboard

Matty Hasler breaks down the HS FS 540 with ease. The 540 is the next rotation you’ll be looking to land after dialing in your 360 spins. Begin with taking a progressive edge into the ramp or kicker while keeping… Continue Reading →

JD Webb: Another One Down

What we love about JD Webb is his ability to adapt on his wakeboard and throw down no matter what he’s riding behind. Whether it be boat or cable, JD slays it and brings unique grabs and variations to old… Continue Reading →

Roll to Revert – How to Wakeboard

Hyperlite’s own Cable Pro Nick Kamper breaks down the roll to revert with ease. The roll to revert is a “beginner” air trick although commitment plays a key factor in landing this move. Initiate your edge slightly later in the… Continue Reading →

Jobe Steps It Up for 2015 with Cable Wake Park Gear!

Jobe has seriously upped their game for 2015 showing that they are still a force to be reckoned with as a premium wakeboard manufacturer. New shapes, slick new graphics and attention to detail is what won us over. Take a… Continue Reading →

Daniel Grant shreds Thai Wake Park

Daniel Grant never ceases to amaze us with his ability out on the water. No matter what he’s riding or where he’s riding, he’s sure to leave you speechless. Watch him take a quick set on his wakeboard at his… Continue Reading →

Heelside Backside 180 – How to Wakeboard

Heelside backside 180’s can be both fun and instrumental to learn in order to take your riding to the next level. Board control is key where the main focus is to properly leave the ramp (or ollie off the water)… Continue Reading →

Who is Yun Sang Hyun?

It always puts a smile on our face to see someone come from out of nowhere with game changing style and hammers. Yun Sang Hyun is definitely going to be a name you’ll become familiar with in wakeboarding due to… Continue Reading →

Yonel Cohen slays Terminus Wake Park

It’s no secret Yonel has been hot on his brothers trail in 2014 and this video at Terminus Wake Park proves he is a force to be reckoned with! Edit: Justin Worrall

Prime Wakeboard Movie Trailer

From the creator of Defy, the Danny Harf Project… comes the next level of wakeboarding including a massive movement to bring the sport and it’s riders to the top of the action sports world. PRIME dives deep into the heart… Continue Reading →

2 Hour Cable Wake Park Deals @ Ski Rixen USA!

Click here to purchase your cable pass at a discounted rate!!

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